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I'm taking part in Bandanna Day to stand up to cancer!

Just over 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with โ€˜Triple Negative Breast Cancerโ€™ which is an uncommon diagnosis, and, for that reason, was asked to join a trial treatment of combined Immunotherapy and Double Chemotherapy by The Cancer Clinical Trial Team through the Peter Mac Foundation.

For days on end, I had next to no sleep and very little energy... but I feel that a lifetime of working punishingly long hours in hospitality weirdly prepared me for chemo.

After the initial shock of my diagnoses - and 20 rounds of chemo later - I'm now doing much better and I hope, one day, to be living cancer free.

I'm also determined to use my experience to help others also undergoing Cancer treatment to face their challenges... that's why I'm taking part in Canteen's "Cut, Colour or Cover It" campaign for Bandanna Day this year! Who doesn't love an excuse to rock a crazy hair colour or a bandanna, anyway?!

So, please help me reach my fundraising goal... any donation (big or small) would mean the world to me.


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