Jupiter's story

From student to full-time carer 

When they were seventeen, Jupiter’s dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. Instead of starting year 12, Jupiter dropped out of school to be his full-time carer

Over the next year Jupiter supported their dad as he underwent two surgeries two surgeries to try and remove the tumour as well as chemo and radiotherapy. When he sadly passed away just 12 months later in a palliative care facility, Jupiter found it difficult to return to normal life.

“I was afraid to tell people about it because I didn't want their pity or to change the way they saw me. So that really stopped me from connecting with people for a while.

Jupiter with their dad

Jupiter with their dad

Learning to connect again

On returning to school, Jupiter struggled with feeling isolated and like no one else really understood what they’d been through.

Fortunately, Jupiter found support from Canteen. Ever since their first program, Jupiter has found community and support to keep building their life.

“Canteen helped me to connect again and make friends after my dad died.  The acceptance and connection I found helped me not only with building relationships with other Canteen members but with other people in my life too.”  

"It really helped to be around people who knew what I had gone through and weren't going to treat me differently because of it."

How Jupiter is making waves 

Since joining Canteen, Jupiter has participated in youth leadership events and taken on a role as a Canteen youth ambassador.  
In November 2023, Jupiter and other Canteen youth ambassadors attended a design session with Dannii Minogue for an exciting upcoming bandanna collaboration in 2024

You can check out a video about the day here.

Jupiter with fellow youth ambassadors & Dannii Minogue
Jupiter with fellow youth ambassadors & Dannii Minogue