Deposit via electronic transfer

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If you've either collected funds via bank transfer or have already deposited cash donations to your own account, you can simply deposit them back to us via a direct bank transfer.

Bank: NAB

Account Name: Canteen Australia

BSB: 082001

Account number: 518822412

Reference number: your reference number (starts with NBD22 and can be found in the top right hand corner of emails from us) and next to your name on your fundraising page 

ABN: 77 052 040 516


  • Once you have completed the transfer please send a remittance advice or screenshot of your payment to

Deposit by cheque

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Send a cheque to us at:

Canteen National Bandanna Day Returns

Reply Paid 3821

Sydney NSW 2001

Please remember to include your reference number (starts with NBD22 and can be found in the top right hand corner of emails from us) on the back of the cheque. 

Returning cash 

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The best way to return cash sales from your bandannas is to login into your fundraising dashboard and click on the 'return funds' tab and transfer the sales from your account. 

I need an invoice for proof of payment

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Please send your fundraising page URL, order number and the amount raised to

We will send the invoice to your registered email address within two business days. 

How can I return my unsold stock?

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You should have received a reply paid satchel with your original order. Simply put your stock returns into this satchel and drop it in any Australia Post box. It will come back to us at no charge to you.

If you've misplaced your satchel or it was missing from your order, please package up the stock as best you can and return it to:

Canteen National Bandanna Day Returns

Reply Paid 87022

Erskine Park NSW 2759

Please ensure you fill out the 'return bandannas' slip with the number of bandannas you are returning and send this back with the unsold stock. This makes it easier for us to reconcile your order.

If you have lost your slip, please download and print a new one here

I need to return via the NSW Schools finance system (Edconnect). What is your vendor number?

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Our vendor number is 100 316 551.

Need assistance?

If you can't find your reference number or need more help, please get in touch with the friendly Bandanna Day team first before making your payment.   1800 226 833