We're challenging YOU to join us for Bandanna Day 2024 to support young people impacted by cancer.

Pick your challenge below and let's stand up to cancer!

Hair cutting graphic

Cut your hair or brave the shave to take on a bold new look.

hair dyeing graphic

Colour your hair with temporary hairspray or permanent dye.

hair covering with a bandanna animation

Cover your hair with a funky bandanna.

Join the movement to show your support for the 23,000 new young people who face the challenges of cancer every year.

How it works

Step 1

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Register your interest and choose to Cut it, Colour it or Cover it for Bandanna Day 2024!

Step 2

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Spread the word and ask your friends and family to support your challenge.

Step 3

person covering their hair with a bandanna icon

Cut, Colour or Cover your hair on Bandanna Day to help young Aussies stand up to cancer. 

How does Canteen help young people?

Counselling and individual support

Counselling and individual support

Canteen counsellors are specially trained to understand the challenges cancer brings. Young people can share thoughts or feelings that other people in their lives might not be able to relate to.

Peer support and programs icon

Peer support and programs

Life can feel pretty lonely when you’re trying to deal with cancer. Through Canteen, young people can meet other young people living with cancer who totally get what they’re going through.

Youth Cancer Services icon

Youth Cancer Services

Youth Cancer Services provide specialist, age-appropriate treatment and support for young cancer patients aged 15-25. This service is supported by federal funding administered by Canteen as well as state and territory government funding.

health professionals icon

Health professionals

Health professionals play a vital role in supporting young people living with cancer. Canteen works with health professionals to provide vital information on how best to support young people facing a cancer journey. Canteen is also committed to conducting high quality cancer research and evaluation to develop the most effective ways of helping young people affected by cancer.

Register your interest now to join our movement to help young people impacted by cancer.

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