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Bandanna Day fundraising box

Our fundraising box is packed with a mix of cotton and premium bandannas suited to all styles.

The designs that are included in this year's box are featured below - which include some of our new 2020 designs!

The box is made up of:
57 x $5 standard cotton bandannas
4 x $15 premium satin bandannas
Total value of $345

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How it works

Step 1

Order your fundraising box
(no upfront payment required)

Step 2

Your box will be shipped. Please allow for up to 10 business days for it to arrive. 

Step 3

Sell, sell, sell throughout the month of October

Step 4

Plan your Bandanna Day event on
30 October

Step 5

Share your online fundraising page to raise addtional funds

Step 6

Return funds raised from your bandanna sales and any unsold stock by 6 November

Your involvement in Bandanna Day helps make sure no young Australian faces cancer alone.

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How does Canteen help young people?

Counselling and individual support

Canteen counsellors are specially trained to understand the challenges cancer brings. Young people can share thoughts or feelings that other people in their lives might not be able to relate to.

Peer support and programs

Life can feel pretty lonely when you’re trying to deal with cancer. Through Canteen, young people can meet other young people living with cancer who totally get what they’re going through.

Youth Cancer Services

Youth Cancer Services provide specialist, age-appropriate treatment and support for young cancer patients aged 15-25. This service is supported by federal funding administered by Canteen as well as state and territory government funding.

Health professionals

Health professionals play a vital role in supporting young people living with cancer. Canteen works with health professionals to provide vital information on how best to support young people facing a cancer journey.

Join Bandanna Day so no young Aussie has to go through cancer alone!