Joseph McCue

Personal Challenge 2023

I'm taking part in Bandanna Day to stand up to cancer!

I’m taking part in Canteen’s Bandanna Day this year to support young people when cancer crashes into their world.

Canteen is the game changer. They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with others in the same boat.

Please help me to reach my goal and together we can take a stand for young people affected by cancer. 

Thank you for your support!

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My Updates


Check out my hair challenge

This is what I ended up with

This is what I started with


The colour is in.

Friday 29th Sep
The first part of my support is dyed hair. Rocking the neon green and loving it. 

Will wear this for the month when the lot will come off as the second part . 

Every dollar counts and every dollar helps. 
Thank you. 

We’ve had an amazing start.

Wednesday 6th Sep
Well done and huge thank you to my donations thus far. 

Every dollar helps a young person through some of their most challenging times. 

For those that know me I’ve always had short hair. 

Before my shave this will be the longest my hair has ever been to my knowledge. 

Thank you again and let’s keep the ball rolling. 

Thank you to my Sponsors



What I can give can’t ever measure what you give to this world.


Grace Mccue

Proud of you son


Scott And Rhonda Gibbons

Bourkie would be proud of you. Good Luck.


Tracey Mcinanny

Hope this helps


Helen Mccue Payne


Shannon Lawrence



Top stuff mate, your an inspiration to us all!


Samantha Mansfield

Good on you Joseph!!


Stacey Lawrence



You make me so proud to know you Joseph


Sarah Johnson & Wee John Mcinanny

What an amazing thing to do. We're very proud of you. All our Love ❤️ Sarah, wee John, Oliver, Max and Maeva xxx


Samantha Deen

Good on you mate. xx


Ella Lawrence

What a wonderful thing you are doing


Christine Hayes

Love your work Joseph


Murray Liddle


Ed Chapman

Love that you are always thinking of and helping others. I’ve found that everyone has their own story to tell, and more often than not, it is a sad story. Cancer is a sad story. Thank you for making a difference. Love you mate ❤️


Monika Bruckner

What an awesome human being you are Joseph McCue❤️


Deano Lawn Mower Guy.

Joe you are awesome so proud of you and a privilege to call you a mate.


Pillow Talk Matched


Gregory Edwards

Good on ya Joe


Leanne Cauchi



Well done!


Kelly Thompson

Love your work xx


Kelinda Fitzpatrick

You’re a legend Joe


Heather Mccue

Go Joseph 🥳


Gail Cheney


Anne Hunter

So proud of you Joe!



Well done Joseph Lorna,Andrew & Craig


Joseph Mccue


Lisa Mccue

Well done my love for having a go.


Reginald Mccue



It's going to be ugly, but a great curse. Good on ya Joe!




Vicki Walsh


Cathy And Ron Leahey

Well done such a great cause looking forward to seeing the new hairdo❤️


Neil Sanders

Great cause mate. Well done


Leianne And Darren Moir

Great cause Jo. Unfortunately, we know the terrible toll can wrong has on a family, when a child gets diagnosed with cancer. They need all the support they can get. Especially, those with a terminal diagnosis. Great wirk, you are always an inspiration 💔❤😇



Best of luck


Andrew Barr

Great cause mate. 👏


Tessa Frazer



Zaakira Ebrahim

Good on you.