Returning cash

Thank you for supporting Bandanna Day! 

There are a number of ways to deposit the money you've collected. Simply choose which method works best for you!

Reminder – if your buyers used the QR code or SMS to pay the money has already come straight to Canteen, so there is nothing more you need to do for these payments. Please also note that, because the money has come directly to us, it will not show on your fundraising page. 

Deposit online (preferred method)

(1) Log in to your fundraising page here.

(2) Select the drop-down menu next to your name.

(3) Select 'return funds'.

(4) Enter in your details, amount of cash collected from your bandanna sales and your payment details.

(5) Hit submit and these funds will be added to your fundraising page!

Deposit by cheque

Send a cheque to us at:

Canteen National Bandanna Day Returns

Reply Paid 3821

Sydney NSW 2001

Please remember to include your reference number (starts with NBD20 and can be found in the top right hand corner of emails from us) on the back of the cheque. 

Note: These funds will not get added to your fundraising page. 

Deposit via electronic transfer

If you've either collected funds via bank transfer or have already deposited cash donations to your own account, you can simply deposit them back to us via a direct bank transfer.

Bank: NAB

Account Name: Canteen Australia

BSB: 082 001

Account number: 518 822 412

Reference number: your reference number (starts with NBD20 and can be found in the top right hand corner of emails from us) and your name 

ABN: 77 052 040 516


  • You must transfer with a reference number, otherwise it's impossible for us to know it's from you. If you need help contact us at
  • These funds will not get added to your fundraising page.

I need an invoice for proof of payment

Please send your fundraising page URL, order number and the amount raised to

We will send the invoice to your registered email address within two business days. 

How can I return my unsold stock?

You should have received a reply paid satchel with your original order. Simply put your stock returns into this satchel and drop it in any Australia Post box. It will come back to us at no charge to you.

If you've misplaced your satchel or it was missing from your order, please package up the stock as best you can and return it to:

Canteen National Bandanna Day Returns

Reply Paid 87022

Erskine Park NSW 2759

Please keep in mind that any bandannas purchased using the QR code on the fundraising box will come directly to Canteen and will not appear on your fundraising page or link to your box in any way.

With this in mind, we’re conscious that the vast majority of fundraising boxes won’t reconcile perfectly. For this reason, fundraisers this year do not have to register stock return numbers with us this year.

I need to return via the NSW Schools finance system (Edconnect). What is your vendor number?

Our vendor number is 100 316 551

Need assistance?

If you can't find your reference number or need more help, please get in touch with the friendly Bandanna Day team first before making your payment.   1800 226 833