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I'm taking part in bandanna day in memory of my sister, Bec

I’m taking part in Canteen’s Bandanna Day this year to give back and support young people when cancer crashes into their world.

For many of you, you know already  but some may not… I lost my sister to Cancer when I was 11years old, My sister, Bec was only 18. 

When everyone stepped out, CanTeen stepped in, allowing me to participate in camps and recreational days but most importantly allowing me to open up, grieve and chat with peers my own age who understood exactly what I was going through.

Without this organisation and the generous donations given to keep this not-for-profit organisation running, I can’t say where I might be now.

I’d love it if you could Please help me to reach my goal and together help me give back to the organisation who helped me, my family and countless others rebuild our foundations after Cancer rocked our world. 

Thank you for your support!

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Chantell Dunn


Danni And Matt Whye





Sharon Harris

go chook, so proud. giving back for what they gave to you when you needed it xx


Crystal Flynn

Way to go Chantell!!




Good for you


Hailey Vivash


Helen Sandwith


Kate Rae



Vanessa Emmett

Always here to support you 🧡


Larissa Sharpe

Thinking of u & ur Family as Always! 🥰


Jenny Watson

I wish I had more to donate as this is such a great cause. Good on you for taking on this challenge. Looking forward to seeing your hair when it is done.