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I'm taking part in Bandanna Day in memory of my father!

Another year, another Bandanna Day. 
This year, I’m taking things back to the OG bandanna challenge I set myself. 
A Bandanna A Day. For the month of October, I will challenge myself to incorporate a bandanna into every outfit I wear. 
(Mainly because my hair is still fried from last years colour efforts!) 

I tend to select a charity each year to remember my dad. Bandanna Day falls around the anniversary of his passing each year, so it works well! 

Canteen also helped me so much in the first 12 months after losing my dad. Meeting and talking to kids going through the same thing I was really helped me get myself through that first tumultuous year. The counsellors helped me more than they will ever know throughout a period of uncertainty in my life. 

I’ve set a relatively high goal for myself, but I truly believe that I can reach that target with the support of my friends, family and others. 

So please, donate if you can! 
No amount is too small when it comes to helping teens affected by cancer! 

Thank you. And I’ll keep y’all posted :) 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Jana Higgins

Always happy to help a good cause xx love yah xx


Brody Cairns




Kim Bowers

I hope you reach your target 💛



Ya girl is trying to donate to herself at least once a week! Can anybody match that? :)


Zanzii Bowers


Rosh Kumarage

Well done Mate!



Good luck




Amy Lou


Tiffany Hopkins