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I am shaving my head and using the opportunity to help raise funds towards young people dealing with cancer.


I am shaving my head and using this opportunity to help raise funds towards young people dealing with cancer as I believe this a very worthwhile cause.

Obviously hearing the news of anyone having cancer can be devastating to the individual and the ones around them. The uncertainty of what is to come and can cause their life to seemingly be turned upside down. I've experienced this to a degree as my dad has previously been diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately after undergoing chemo it has been eradicated. I can only imagine what going through this process as a young person with perceivably so much life ahead of them can do. I have chosen to donate to Canteen to help make it easier for young people who are going through this process.

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Jenni Allen

Well done Haydos, so proud of you


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Jobah Howell

Nice work big fella


Casey Allen

I beat ya to the punch with the shaved look this year cudn. Good onya mate


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Trish And Craig

Awesome effortπŸ‘Œ


Eoin Kavanagh

Love your work Haydn, you the man πŸ’•


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Nice going big dog


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The Moses

Good job Haydn can't wait to see the new you


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Ben Alliss

Well done mate! Looking forward to seeing it tonight.


Alex Galipo

Onya Haydos. Absolute legend and one of the nicest blokes you’ll meet. Great stuff mate.



From all of us at this great organisation, we bid farewell to decades of the collection of multiple binding agents from across the globe that kept your mop together. May you find peace in your latest phase of the journey.


Haydn Allen


Mia Lindsay

Love your work!!


Frances Brader

So proud of you πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Khush Dodhia-shah

Go you fkn good bald thing 😍



You’re a champ.




Megan Black

Way to go Haydn πŸ‘


Caitlin Emma Brader

Love you


Scott B

Good on you Haydn! Proud of the man you’ve become. Kindest Regards, Your pal, Pepper



Love your work HA’s!! Such a good cause, I hope you reach your goal 😍😍



Big love! Xx


Kerryn Turner

Well done buddy


Wendy Price


John Davis

This is awesome


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Chris C

Love your work HAs


Jack Vermeulen

very bald decision haydn


Shane Rohan

Keen to see that egg head


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Phoebe Rawlings

Go HA’s!



Well done Haydn, great cause


Doug Hamilton

Good job mate


Eamonn Lourey

Love ya mate


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J2 From Your Mum's Work!

Well done Haydn on your fantastic effort for a great cause! Hope you have a beanie to keep your head warm!!


Dylan Robinson

You’re an uncut gem mate πŸ™Œ


Patrick Kamsrikerd



Beautiful soul you. Good on you Hayden what a champ xx