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Cancer is undeniably life changing. Its impacts are devastating not only for those living directly with it, but everyone that surrounds them.

When that change happens when your life is already rapidly changing  - as a teenager, the results can be even more devastating. Canteen is an organisation that provides peer support and connections that are invaluable in helping navigate the new world they find themselves in.

When I was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager, the support and positive impact Canteen had on me was immeasurable. They changed my life, and so many others in a way I don't think any other organisation could have at that time.

That is why this year, as with many years past, I'm taking part in Canteen's Bandanna Day. I welcome you all to join me in doing so and help make a real impact to young people's lives. 

Let them know that nobody should have to go it alone by showing your support and donating to this amazing organisation.

Thank you for your support!

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