Jess and Welshy's hair adventure #fightingthegoodfight

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We're taking part in Canteen's Bandanna Day!

Hi There,

We’re taking part in Canteen’s Bandanna Day this year to support young people when cancer crashes into their world.

Canteen is the game changer. They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with others in the same boat.

Please help us to reach our goal and together we can take a stand for young people affected by cancer. 

Thank you for your support!

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Total Tools Richlands

Such an awesome cause. Some little to help you raise awareness. Many thanks for putting yourselves out there are taking this on.


Biggie And Big Fan

Can’t wait to see this. Nice work!


Ian Gregory

Great effort Jess and Welshy!!!


Romero Torres

Thanks, Sam, for helping to make a difference in helping support young people with cancer. Having lost a sister for cancer, I know the importance of the support to the ones fighting against this disease. Attitudes like yours make a huge difference in the life of all families that are currently battling this disease.


Sonja Mckeddie

Such a great cause!




Shaun Preece


Peter Brennand

Sam should go orange in support of Rangas


Michele Napier

Go multi-coloured!


Clare Miller

Go Sam!


Nishani Bridge

Good luck!!


Kirsty Burma

Well done Jess.


Jill Burnett

Well done Sam. Can't wait to see the hair :0


Anna Linato

I am excited to see Sam colour his hair with black/dark purple/dark blue? for a great cause! Great work Sam/Jess team!


Ruth Pedrina

Did you say it would be green?? All the best :)


Emma Craft

Im sooo in the office this day!


Deb S

This is such a great cause congratulations to you both for supporting.


Glenn Hodson



Go Sam and Jess! Amazing work! 👊🏻


Kelly Peebles


Caitlin Lyons

Well done Jess and Sam!!! Can't wait to see the end result :)


Ange Dixon

Great work guys! A great cause! I’d pay any day of the week to see Welshy colour his hair, the fact it’s for charity is even better!


Lorren Mcauslan

Great stuff guys!!!


Roshan Rodrigo


Nicole Glenn


Jo Buzza

Sorry I'm so late!! Well done you two!!


Raelene Pearce

Hope all goes well Raelene


Welshy Worshippers Pty Ltd

Let the adventures begin!


Chris Day